My  Biography



When I was growing up my major interest was science. MY best grades in school were in science. My older brother was the artist in the family. I was always jealous of him because of the attention he got by having his paintings hanging on the walls. I later went on to get a degree in chemical technology and medical technology.

When I was about 35 years old I bought a camera and discovered that I enjoyed taking pictures. I took a few photography classes and joined a camera club. My photography at that time would best be described as documentary photography and I did what is commonly called street photography. I enjoyed photographing special events and people doing normal everyday activities. In 1984 I had a very successful exhibit at the Manhattan Borough President’s Office called New Yorkers in Public. After this exhibit, for some unknown reason, I stopped making pictures.

In 2005, after 20 years of not taking a picture, I bought a digital camera and rediscovered my passion for photography. The digital camera changed everything. My photos today are very different from what they were then. Today I consider myself to be an artist who uses a camera and computer as tools. I don’t create art. I discover it. Since 2006, my work has been shown in more than 20 group exhibitions and three solo exhibitions. After moving to Hoboken in November 2009 from Manhattan’s Upper West Side I spent most of my spare time photographing my new hometown. In the spring of 2011 some of the images from my first nine months in Hoboken were in a solo exhibit called “First Impressions” at the Hoboken Historical Museum.